Intermatic CA600

My hub is on 1st floor and have 2 intermatic ca600 switches , one on 2nd floor and other in basement. The one in basement is close to hub than one on 2nd floor.
I could pair the 2nd floor switch without moving the hub. But for paring basement switch I need to take hub closer to switch. Now ater I put hub on 1st floor on it’s original location the swtch in basement does not respond to commands evern though it is closer than 2nd floor switch. I tried swappng both swithes , stil one installed in basement does not work. Have no idea what is the issue. If take the hub with in 10 ft distance then it starts working. I even put a repeater switch closer to basement CA600, but no success.

Only difference is basement lights are small halogen bulb like this one

If halogen bulbs were issue then taking hub close should not work. I dont understand what is the issue.

Can’t say for sure, but a general thing to check: Look for possible electronic interference. I originally had my hub on a shelf in my entertainment center along with my DVR, WiFi, DSL modem, Radio, Wii, DVD player, and of course tons of cabling running behind the center. I notices that it was really had to add new things and and communication was spotty. Once I moved my hub to the top of my entertainment center (just behind my TV), it started working a lot better.

Is it possible the switch in the basement is being blocked by things that might cause electrical interference? Like perhaps wiring or lots of metal (duct work, pipes) or other devices that might be giving off wireless signals?

I doubt it’s the bulb type because as you said, moving closer makes it work. I also don’t think the Halogen bulbs would be interfering with the signal as they would be off (and therefore not emitting anything) when you tried to turn the switch on.

Sweet! You got the CA600 to work!

I’ll have to have a run at it again - I couldn’t get mine to work properly - but I haven’t tried for a while now.

With The CA600’s you need to have the hub within a foot of them while adding. I got 6 for $99 on ebay because they don’t make these anymore and is selling off their inventory. They seem to have a problem reporting status to the ST hub. They do it intermittently. they also don’t turn off or on perfectly each time I press the tile on the app.

$100-dimmer-6 Pack

$70-on/off-6 Pack

$100-in wall outlets-6 Pack

Guys -

I bought some of these but can’t seem to get them to pair (even if the hub is right next to them). They just have a blinking white light. Can anyone provide quick pairing instructions or point me in the right direction?

I appreciate your help!


Where these new or used? If they were used it’s possible they are still paired with the previous hub/controller of who owned them before. If this is the case you need to exclude them first, then try to add them to you own hub.

If you’re running SmartThings on an iOS device there is an exclude function in the mobile app. If you’re on Android you have to do it through the IDE.