Interesting project for hallway lights, need ideas

Wanted to ask if there was any other ideas for my project. I my stair way, i have two wall lights tuned on by a 3 way switch. I want to take power from one of them and power 12v strip light that i am using to backlight a large painting.

I want the ability to turn off the stair lights, but keep the painting light on.

My first thought ( I am pretty new to this.) was to install Zwave light switch with double Tap or On and hold capabilities to control the on/off of separate lights. I would then use micro switches to control each light separately and have the main switches tell those what to do.

Thoughts? Is there a better way, with less devices (2 microswitches, 1 RGBW switch, one Wall switch).

Would this work?

Likely not, but i think i figured it out. it would not work, because while it controls two things, i need 3. So here is my solution. I am putting in a micro switch on each of the sconces, and another on the LED picture/painting. I will group the two sconces. i will then be able to run on all three, or just the LED painting/Picture.

How about smart bulbs for the 2 lights and one z wave switch to turn everything off?