Interesting observation on presence for my phone

(scott sams) #1

i have presence set up for our three iphones - all 6s. i also setup an IFTTT rule to text upon arrival. i have noticed that with my phone specifically i get the text as far as two houses away before i even arrive at my house. and this is not two houses straight down. it is over one to another street and down three so it is closer to four. i know my wifi isn’t that good. is there some other proximity detection within the app on my phone by chance?

(The fish is still dead.) #2

Your phone also has GPS.

(scott sams) #3

yes, so the question is what does ST use for presence?

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The ST app uses GPS. I’ve never looked into location with IFTTT.

If you tap the hamburger menu and then the gear in the mobile app (on iOS at least, can’t speak to Android), you can see and set the geofence boundaries.