Interesting issue with Aeotec mini switch

Hi All… I have had an Aeotec mini switch wired on a 3 way circuit, using a 120VAC relay, for quite a while now and it always had a problem; it would sometimes flicker on and off. I assumed the problem was that the 3 way switches were lighted. Today, I had to do some other work so I decided to replace the switches.

The light no longer flickers! However, to turn the light on or off using the switches, I now need to flip the switch twice. This is true for either of the two switches. I’m thinking I can fix this, but I don’t seem to have a device driver installed for this.

Any suggestions are appreciated thanks.

Check if you have set as a momentary switch and change it to a toggle switch

How is that set?

I see… Various combinations of pressing the button.

I don’t have aeotec switches but on fibaro when you open a switch you tap the 3 dots at the top right and tap on settings. If there is no settings option then i don’t know how you can access the device parameters. Maybe try the ide .

That was it thanks!

Glad i could help! :grin: