Interest in Edge Driver for Roku devices?

Quick update for anyone following this topic, and not on the ‘test team’.

We’re making very good progress. The driver is fully operational for both TV and non-TV Roku devices and is undergoing tests by a group of testing volunteers. We’re running up against some platform bugs that can impact the reliability of the devices, but I hope to be able to mitigate those problems. There are also some other SmartThings issues that will impact the UI (for example the tV capability is currently not working; selection lists are in random order, FFwd button not working), but functionally everything is in place and available for automations. I’d say one more week of shaking things out and I’ll be ready to post a driver for everyone to start trying. Given the known issues, we’ll have to very much consider this a beta-level driver, but hopefully it’s enough for you to find useful.

Big thanks go to the test team!:
@milandjurovic71 @koyfam @Benjamin_Ginders @Terri_Baker


I possibly missed it, but I didn’t see a link to access the beta driver. Is it open to others trying it out and testing?

Hi there; I haven’t made it public yet. Unfortunately there are some serious Edge issues with sockets that have not been fixed, so I’ve been hesitant to release it until there is new firmware out that will hopefully fix the problems. However, I’m happy to add you to the ‘test team’ if you’re willing to accept some potential instability. I will DM you.

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