Integrations with security monitoring other than Scout?

I want to use SmartThings as my security system, as I’ve been satisfied with the reliability of late.

My insurance company requires the system to be monitored by a company that can provide a certificate, and will give me a hefty discount.

Scout costs $20/mo … I’ll probably suck it up and pay that, but I’d like to have other options too, and avoid lock-in. I see plenty of internet monitoring services for ~$10/mo, but none of them directly integrate with SmartThings. They usually suggest hooking an ethernet internet communicator device up to your existing security system.

The integration would simply notify the monitoring company of an intrustion.

So, options to integrate would be:

  • find a provider that directly integrates to smartthings
  • find a provider that has an HTTP api that I can send a request from SmartThings CoRE
  • reverse engineer the protocols that these communicator devices use, and try to implement that with SmartThings via a one-way TCP push
  • find a communicator device that can be activated by a contact closure output

Has anyone tried these? Or are you aware of anyone who has?

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I looked around a bit more, and I couldn’t find anyone who’s done anything with SmartThings, but I found a lot of documentation on the various “Contact ID” protocols over TCP/IP:

I should be able to create a device handler that will shoot off a TCP-based message to handle this.

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I just went with the new ADT setup. Covers the points you listed above and is $19 a month if you pay 6 months at a time.

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My direct Contact ID integration hit a brick wall when I realized you can’t send a string message over TCP outside of the local subnet.

I’ll probably just use Scout or ADT.