Integration with Outback Power Mate3?

Hi, I have an off-grid cabin with a possible interesting integration with SmartThings. Since I rely on solar and battery power, I’d love to be able to use some of the automation features to trigger lights and switches from the Hub

Here’s the rough idea:
-The Outback Power Mate3 controller provides a HTTP status page. The internal IP is on the same subnet as the Hub
-Poll the Mate3 page every x minutes and parse for battery charge level
-Create “Battery 100” Routine or Event when battery charge is 100%
-Create “Discharging” Routine or Event when battery charge is <=99%
-Create “Battery 70” Routine or Event when battery charge is <=70%
-Map plug or switch state to any of the above

So, for example I have a small pond with a 120V water pump. I love the running water, but don’t want it to discharge the batteries if the day turns cloudy. When the charge level is 100%, I’d love to turn on the pump and then turn it off if the charge dips below 100%.

Does this sound possible and are there any examples of other polling apps that I could reference?
Thanks for any guidance and help.