Integration with C by GE or Monster Digit LEDs?

I just purchased and setup 2 new devices that don’t seem to be supported by SmartThings.

  1. C by GE light swtich (non neutral wire) - works with Alexa!
  2. Monster Digit (led lights)

Has anyone else had success in integrating these into Smartthings?

C by GE use a radio that SmartThings does not, so no direct integration is possible.

You can get partial Integration by Using Alexa routines as an intermediary.

as long as you live in a region where Alexa routines are available, You can just use the free Amazon Alexa app as an intermediary if you like. :sunglasses: The device will show up when you go to create an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) so you can turn it on and off that way.

You need to create a simulated switch to trigger the routine from SmartThings. See the FAQ:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Unfortunately, this is only a one-way Integration. You can get the C by GE switch to turn on or off from SmartThings. But if someone turns on the switch at the wall, smartthings won’t know about it.

If you really want smartthings integration, I would consider returning that device and getting one that does have integration. There are lots of switches to choose from.

Meross makes good quality inexpensive Wi-Fi Switches that don’t require a SmartThings Hub and have an official Integration.

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