Integration with 3rd companies: Webee

will smartthings integrate with webee??

Do you have a Weebee system working? So far the early reports I’ve seen have been that it doesn’t work out of the box. Even the remote that comes with it doesn’t work.

They’re promising the sun, the moon and the stars: self discovery of zigbee and Zwave and Wi-Fi devices, plus an IR bridge and DNLA controls. All very cheaply.

Personally I’d be really thrilled if just the Wi-Fi to IR bridge worked, but so far it looks kind of limited.

Here’s one early review:

Anyway, just wondered if you actually have one working, or if you’ve just seen some of the indiegogo materials.

  1. Does Webee actually exist?

  2. Do you want to interact with individual Webee “Things” (end-point Devices), their Cloud, or their Hub (“BOSS”) on your LAN, or any of the above?

  3. The various parts of #2 must be integrated in different ways; some are easier than others; but a lot depends on the quality of the API provided by Webee.

  4. Actually … the direction of integration also matters. Do you want Webee to control your SmartThings stuff or SmartThings to control your Webee stuff.

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Weebee seems like a company I Wouldn’t want to bet on.

We be a what?, why bother?, firmware update works, remote doesn’t, guy couldn’t pair anything…, streaming video works, now that’s ground breaking…

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To be fair, during the crowdfunding phase, Webee didn’t look any more or less feasible than SmartThings (to any significant degree). Perhaps an expert would have found more red-flags or concerns with the scope or details of Webee, but to the average consumer customer purchaser Backer / Funder, Webee looked as promising as SmartThings.

These days the quality of KS and IGG proposals varies somewhat … but highly infeasible Projects (due to scope, lack of experience, short delivery timeframe promises, outright scams, …) are given the same slick treatments and PR campaigns (media / blog coverage) as the ones that will turn out just fine.

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i just want to control with my smartthings app, their smart socket wich i think it is call lightee

Do you have one?

Do you have detailed specifications and documentation, please?

what kind of things, i dont have it yet, here is a link about the device

If you just want the light socket for $45, it’s supposed to be zigbee HA 1.2, it will probably work, but no guarantees for such a new company.

I recommend going with alternative vendors that are have real tested and warrantied products in trusted retail channels.

Cree wireless LED light bulbs, for example, are a good alternative to the socket device you reference. GE Link and Philips Lux and Hue also work with SmartThings… Some glitches, but mine are fine and support is improving.

Webee has too much competition and doesn’t look like they have the strength to survive.

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Plus a smart GE bulb costs 1/3 the price of the Weebee. :blush:s

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i know the problem is that i needd something that can work on 220 VAC :/, deos any one knows if there is a smart bulb tat can work on 220 VAC thanks

Osram is a German company, they make a Lightify model for Europe, I believe.

Also Philips does make Hues for Europe, you just have to make sure you’re getting the correct model.

Just change this link to your country (flag icon in top right) for
Hue information:

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May I ask for which country?

Wireless products are subject to national regulations, not just voltages.

it is for boliva, we have the same US z-wave frequency, wich i think it is 908.42 MHz and with Zigbee devices their should be no poblem

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Philips sells for that market, I believe:

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