Integration Question | Marantec + FS20Z

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m rather new to ST and so far have been pretty happy with it.
I had a question that I hoped someone would be able to help me with.
I purchased the FS20Z to open / close my garage door (Marantec Garage Door). I cabled it all up, ran power to the FS20Z and stripped back the blue cables and placed them on my in wall opener. This opener has several buttons, open / close, light and lock.
I turned to my phone and with taping the device two times I’m able to trigger an open, two more and there is a close. However while this worked I no longer have the ability to tap the button on the actual wall. I want to say I’ve attempted everything; even getting another remote and soldering the blue wires on.
I’m a noob but am excited at the possibilities. Thanks to anyone who can take the time and make a suggestion.

*** I did search before this and did see a few people using this device. There were no suggestions that I found to resolve my issue.

I suspect that the wall opener doesn’t work because the power is still on in the relay (so it thinks you are holding the button down.) Since you said you were hitting it twice, I am assuming that the first one is to apply power and the second is to remove it. Also, if I remember right, I feel like there was an issue where the light was on when the switch is “open” and off when switch is closed.