Integration of z-Wave /danfoss thermostatw

Is code ver. 0.7 works with several LC-13?

Hi Guys.

I’m watching this from a distance hoping that you are on the verge of having a fully working DTH for the Danfoss LC-13.

Great work to date, looks very promising.

I’m not sure if it will be any help to you but you might want to have a look at the code @meavydev created for another thermostat device it may (or may not) help you out.

The device in questions a Secure Together SRT321 Combi boiler thermostat/controller (also known as a Horstmann ASR-ZW) and looks to work in a similar way to the Danfoss. You change the set point and the device then wakes periodically and gets updated (in the background the thermostat wirelessly enables the relay on the boiler).

The author has also created a smartapp to make setpoint changes.

Here’s the original thread:

Hi all. Sorry for the lack of response I’ve been busy on other things. I still only have one device so I don’t know if it’s still a problem if you have multiple versions. Sorry. I am planning on pirchasing more around September time so will look at this again around that time. I also use CoRE for my rules so I need to test it with that as well.

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Quick update. I now have 4 loving connect thermostats working at home. They are controlled using CoRE and so far have been trouble free. I schedule changes in the set point using an Else-if piston, with each heating set point triggered by a “happens at” time trigger.

Hi if you set these using CoRE then you could have a switch that reflects the state of your district heating and then uses this as a condition for triggering the piston.

Hi Danny
Have you moved over to CoRE. I’ve used this now for a week with four thermostats. Seems to work fine.

About the district heating… can you explain the steps please? I too have that at home… I’ve only got one valve installed but it would help… thanks!

Are you using CoRE and do you have a way of knowing if the district heating is on, some sort of switch that you can monitor?

I’m using CoRE yep, and I know for fact that the heat is still off, but
will be turned on in the near future… lol! So I just wanted to get the
system ready before… :laughing:

Ok. Is the district heating set on a time schedule. Do you know what day of the year it turns on and off?

I think it’s a community decision… as in, we get together and decide on that…

So perhaps a virtual switch would be the best way to control if the radiator time schedule is on of not?

Perfect, and from there, I could set the rules to heat the room only if there’s people at home… right?

How do I make the valve not check every so often for the temperature settings though?

Hi Rich :slight_smile: i have just installed CoRE, thanks for letting me know - ill play with it a bit and let you know how it works out for me - at this time we dont need heating here at all, so everything hast been switched of for a couple of months :slight_smile:

So i’ve just checked the code and it should be the value on line 277 that sets the interval between wakeup’s. However, the code i’m using states 3600 (1 hour) but checking the history it is sending wake up commands every 30 minutes. It would be helpful if you can check how often yours is waking up and what value is on line 277 in the code so i can try and see the problem.

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Hi Rich,
is this what you are looking for - ill change the value to 3600 also and see what happens…

Med venlig hilsen

Danny Chris Olsen

Yes. 300 represents time in seconds. So currently you should be seeing 5 minute wake ups.

Excellent work here, I have this working perfectly with a 014G0013 SW 1.01 version of the TRV.

Can I ask what version of TRV you guys have this working with? Has anyone got it working with a version of the FW other than the one listed above?


Shameful bump.

Does anyone have this working on sw 2.51 version?



I’ve sw 2.51 working on raZberry but it sounds like SmartThings hub isn’t worth the risk.