Integration of z-Wave /danfoss thermostatw

@piotrtaras - I’m trying to get this thermostat to work in HASSIO as well. I’m using @tommysqueak latest device drive and I now get a gauge in HA to adjust the temperature but whatever I select on that gauge the temperature displayed (in HA) doesn’t change. In my case it’s always 19 - “All the way around the gauge circle” - Do you or anyone else know what could cause that?

Are you using the smarthings intergration in HA ?

@vasarbob - I am indeed (Using the smartthings integration in HA)

Are any of the sensors child sensors in smarthings. If so they don’t cross over to HA. Use a virtual switch to take the sensor over to HA.

Thanks, @vasarbob - not sure I totally understand that. The sensors in questions are the Danfoss LC13 Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) which are configured (I think…) like all other devices in ST. Those TRV obviously do three things: Show Battery level, Show current set point and allow you to change the set point (the latter not working in HA). Does that answer the questions?

Can you also maybe point me to something that explains the “Virtual Switch” topic? Happy to try that as well but not sure where to start.

Again thanks for jumping on this thread.

Hi @tommysqueak

Any chance for you to update your Danfoss device handler to work with NEW smartthings app ?

When trying to open radiator in NEW app, it shows “Can’t connect to device” error.
Any help would be really appreciated.


I was also going to make this request today. I’ve resorted to creating virtual switches and creating webCore pistons to sync then with the switch (or group of) for each valve, to control them in the new app, primitively.

@tommysqueak Any chance you can update your DH for new app ?

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Unfortunately I don’t have the thermostats anymore. That aside the new app & platform aren’t working well at all for custom device handlers… it’s hard to describe how bad it is. On top of that it’s been made harder to share custom handlers as there’s now a number of hoops to jump thru to get them setup (I think, there’s not much clarity anywhere). The process is detailed here, as well as a exasperated dev crowd Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview

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I ended up resorting to the default Danfoss DTH. Lots of features missing and things not working, but at least it’s possible to set the temperature in automations.

What’s the name of that in the list of default DH? There’s only 1 Danfoss DH, and that doesn’t seem to work for me. Can you share the code?

Thanks in advance.

can it really be that no one has a nice DTH for Danfoss LC13? I’m having issues with the official DTH that always the E5 error shows-up. So looking for a reliable DTH - any help out there?

There is a new edge “z wave thermostat” driver which seems to work fine and I don’t see E5 errors anymore and it works fine with Google home too as radiator thermostat. Read more about edge drivers in smartthings how to install it.

is it this one you mean [ST EDGE] Z-wave Thermostat beta driver issues ?
or do you have a specific link?

Yes, that is the one. After I installed it and rejoined all my Danfoss Zwave termostats again, I no longer have isssues with E5 error showing on any of them.

Sorry, maybe you can help me as a newbee - how do I install this driver? I’m used to install a regular DTH - but that does not work here with this driver.

You can install them by using this link

After installation, wait some time till they download to your hub. Later unpair your Danfoss TRV from smartthings and pair it by using “Scan for nerby devices”.

Before pairing make sure you don’t have any custom groovy DTH for Danfoss TRVs installed as it would take precedence over edge driver.

For more info check here

I am curious about how you people control the boiler in ST.
Im searching for an opentherm device to start the boiler/heatpump

I would like to have a zigbee or zwave opentherm device without a extra hub of something

Hi - also a newbee here… dont get it.
Did you manage to make it work?

Nope, still facing the same issues. Sometimes it works sometimes don’t