Integration of Boundary alarm sensors

Well unless you can reverse engineer it then yes unfortunately.

The hub was more than a Zwave transmitter as it includes the firmware to manage the features, external Comms and so on but without the AWS platform to connect to it does become somewhat redundant.

You can replicate pretty much every feature of the Hub though using automations and scripts, no reason to think otherwise but it will take time and effort.

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Looks like they’ve nailed the DNS on the domain today. Which is wildly unhelpful, as all the information was on the domain. Also means the app is now utterly dead.

Anybody know what the pairing procedure is for the motion sensors?

  1. Press the tamper button 3 times in two seconds and the light will flash red and blue to say it’s reset. It’s now no longer paired with your boundary hub
  2. In the SmartThings app select add new device
  3. You can either add by scanning the QR code(take out the battery first, then put it back in after selecting this option) or scan for nearby devices (press the tamper button three times again to make the light flash red straight after)

Do this as close to the hub as possible. Pairing Z wave devices can often be fiddly, so you might need to repeat. Sometimes the device half pairs and you need to reset it (step 1) otherwise it won’t pair.

I had most success with the add new device option rather than add by QR code option.

…you’ll need my driver installed on your hub before all of this, but assume you’ve done that I’d you’ve read this far down the thread.

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Saw that, I had successfully been using SmartThings to Arm/Disarm the hub up till yesterday and figured that was the backend finally all switched off.

I tried to archive as much as I could here:

[Getting Started – Boundary](https://Wayback Machine: Boundary)

the pdf manual unfortunately didn’t save correctly.

Just want to say thanks to all here, @sipuncher Si who I spoke to the days following the news breaking, already discussing then how to retain as much as possible out of our investment.

Mariano for your help with the drivers.

And to @Phil_Williams for your support during your time with Boundary, and appreciate you chipping in here too.

Have you had success integrating your sensors and siren to HA?

Like you, I’m firmly invested into HA for all other Smart Home things.

Has anyone had a crack at talking to the hub yet?


Thanks @sipuncher, I appreciate your time helping me and really appreciate everything you’ve done so far on the driver.

Spent the last 3 hours trying to get my sensors connected up. 4/6 connected. But the last two are just being stubborn as hell. :man_facepalming:t3: Tried every combination I can think of and they just won’t detect. I’m wondering if the IDE might have a thread I can pull on.

Worth checking the IDE for any presence of those two there… and deleting if so. Also check they’ve not appeared in the app and you’ve not spotted them. I’ve had that before.

Some partial pairing of a device is often the cause.

If you put the hub in device exclusion mode and press the button on the sensor 3 times it should remove it properly, if it indeed has partially paired.

There’s a Boundary owners group on Facebook and someone there has got a great setup working with HA.


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