Integrating with Philips hue labs?

Hi all,

Philips hue labs has some great “formulas” that really increase the potential for creating moods or scenes with hue bulbs.

2 examples:
“Living scenes” - smoothly transitions between predefined colors
"Romantic candlelight" - creates a smooth flickering effect

I’d love to be able to trigger these formulas on certain events (or through webcore). Eg. Run the “good morning” routine to trigger the cherry blossom living scene.

Is there a way to initiate hue labs formulas within smartthings?


Response from. Hue labs:

"Dear Rob,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. To activate a Formula we use a virtual sensor in the bridge. You need to get into the details of your installation to find which one (this will differ per installation and bridge).
I am not familiar with a web service that is able to do this at the moment, but if you have found one, please let me know :blush:"

check out the following app:

Thanks! I don’t see that it supports hue labs though.

Additionally, I use circadian daylight and the associated hue dth (necessary to disable cd programmatically for specific bulbs).

Giving this the old bumparoo

I don’t know of a way to run the formulas, but you can trigger a Hue scene through the hue service/channel on IFTTT. So it’s easy to have one of your routines run one of your Hue scenes: just have the routine turn on a virtual switch and have that virtual switch coming on be the “if” in your IFTTT applet. Then use the Hue scene as the “that.”

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The Hue Labs “Formulas” are not listed under scenes though…hmm…


Hi there, I too would love to find a way of activating Hue labs formulas (e.g. Living Scenes) via ST/webcore/IFTTT etc. Has anyone discovered how to do this yet?


I don’t think there’s a way to do this (yet). I would imagine Philips will eventually incorporate some of their more popular Labs features into the actual app, and provide the ability to turn any normal scene into a living scene. But until then, I think you’re probably stuck with programming a quasi-living scene in webcore… something like: every 30 seconds, change the color.

Bump: Any way to do this without IFTTT now that they’re charging for applets?

My current setup uses a virtual switch in SmartThings that triggers an IFTTT applet to run the hue labs formula. But really all I want is to have a slow color loop of the lights that I can activate/deactivate using my voice to a Google Home/Alexa microphone.

If you just want voice control, you can use the native hue integration to control formulas or scenes:

I used the direct Alexa-Hue integration @JDRoberts mentioned a while back and it worked. Hue app is frustrating & archaic in the labs section. After all these year don’t see why they can’t bring “Living Scenes” into the main part of the app. Animated / Living Scenes are my favorite part of my Hue lights, this feature doesn’t seem to get much attention.

I have been using the iConnectHue app for a while and even though the UI is a little difficult to grasp in the “Animations” section, it is much more flexible and configurable. It works better with off brand Hue lights/controllers too (with hue app living scenes my generic lightstrip does not transition between colors smoothly).

iConnectHue doesn’t work with SmartThings or Alexa, have to use iPhone (but has a lockscreen widget and Siri). Or… it can configure Hue Remotes to start/stop animations if you have any of those.

I didn’t know hue had native formula integration with Alexa, I’ll check it out!

Can I do the same with Google Home/Assistant? Tried searching around and didn’t come up with much…