Integrating window shades with SmartThings (Axis Gear)

(sidjohn1) #125

I’ve been using mine for months with the default Zigbee Dimmer DeviceType and I’ve had 0 issues. I took my setup 1 step further and hacked an AC power converter to to bypass the solar panel battery setup. My unit has opened my curtains 15 mins before sunrise and closed 15 mins after sunrise everyday since. I think the new firmware update made the unit slightly quieter, but that could just be in my head. All in all i’m very happy with mine.

(Chris) #126

Still waiting for mine…

  1. Any reason to use the Zigbee dimmer device type vs. the custom Axis device type? Is the a generic Zigbee window shade device type that will work?

  2. My one concern is the mounting depth. I only have about a half inch of flat surface on the frame. Does it come with any sort of bracket for this issue? You can see below how my current cord has to be mounted.

(Joe m. ) #127

Maybe that helps

(Hendre) #128

Care to share how you did this? I measured the voltage coming from the connectors and if I remember correctly, some read 5V and others 12V (or was it 18V? Can’t remember)

(sidjohn1) #129

Yup, it allow the automations to run locally when using the smart lighting app, plus since I’m hard wired I don’t care about battery reporting so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

(sidjohn1) #130

This is the adapter I used, once you open up the solar pannel and see the wiring it’s pretty straight forward, just match red to red and black to black.
With all that being said i just ordered 2 of Axis’s power adapters if you already own a axis you should have recieved an e-mail to order one cheaper than hacking an adapter and all new orders come with an AC adapter too.

(Rob DeMillo) #131

Good to hear, the axis device code has got more than its fair share of bugs in it. (it keeps computing the shade “brightness” incorrectly when you refresh the button).

How did you register the shade as a the default zigbee dimmer switch?

Thanks in advance

(Rob DeMillo) #132

Can I ask how you connected the device to use the default zigbee dimmer devicetype?

(sidjohn1) #133

Go back into the IDE, click My devices” find/select the device, click on Edit, and change type to the “Zigbee dimmer” device type.

(Steve Phillips) #134

As mine is the newest release, it came with an a/c power adapter. I never even mounted the solar panel as I had heard that it couldn’t keep up with mutli time per day uses. As I stated in my previous post I installed AXIS’s DTH. It didn’t take long to realize that while this was great for directly accessing the device, it fell very short on both scene and routine automation. What I did was to just use the default Zigbee dimmer DTH as you did and haven’t had any more problems. I’ve only had the unit a few week, so time will tell. I must say though, automated window shades has to be one of my favorite smart home upgrades so far. It’s great seeing the shade go up and down with certain scenes and routines. Turning on lights and A/V equipment is neat, but like my garage door automation, it’s really cool seeing your smart house make something move.

(Steve Phillips) #135

I have found that the shade level/brightness is often incorrect with both the AXIS DTH and Zigbee dimmer DTH. I’m not sure what the issue is but mine often reports 148%.

(Hendre) #136

I can’t remember receiving such an email but checked in any event - can’t find it. I suppose the email contained a link where the adapters can be purchased? I have looked around on the Axis Gear website, but can’t find the power adapters as a separate purchase. If you still have the email, would you mind sharing the link please? Also, would you mind checking if the adapter is 110 - 220V, or only 110V?

Your trouble is much appreciated.

(sidjohn1) #137

You maybe better off contacting AXIS directly for the power supply, But you can try

(Hendre) #138

Thank you for you trouble.

I have a new issue - after upgrading to the latest firmware, I am unable to pair the controller with the Samsung hub. (To upgrade the firmware, one has to reset the controller and afterwards pair it again with the hub. No matter what I try, the hub does not see the controller. I’ve done this many times before (at least 3 firmware upgrades on three controller), but this time, it will simply not pair again. So I’m holding of with the updates on the other controllers).

(sidjohn1) #139

I just completed my 2nd firmware these were my steps:

  1. delete the Device from Axis app
  2. reset the the Device
  3. add the Device to Axis App
  4. reconfigure fully open and fully closed limits
  5. upgrade the firmware
  6. Switch to smarthhome mode
  7. Re-pair device back into SmartThings.

no need to delete from smartthings.
On step 7 the hub will not show that it found the device, but the axis will flash green 3x confirming it is re-paired with the hub.

In the new firmware you can now press GROUP + PAIR using Gear’s on-device controls to toggle your Gear between Smart Home mode and standard Bluetooth mode, so the next update should be even easier.