Integrating Pacific 3404 4 Wired Door Intercom System

Not necessarily better, but another option is to use a “robot finger“ to just push the door button. It’s just a question of how much force the button requires. I used to use the Naran Prota Microbot for these kinds of use cases, but I no longer recommend it. So right now in US about the only widely available option is the SwitchBot, and it can only handle a force of about 1.5 kg. that will work for a lot of buttons, but not all. Integration with smartthings is available cloud to cloud or via Matter with their Hub 2.

Here’s my 2019 review (The topic title is a clickable link)

You might have to use Sugru to get it positioned just right.

I agree the board solution would be better, but this is just another option. :sunglasses: