Integrating motion sensor to current lights controlled with rule machine?

I have not done anything with my smartthings for about 6 months other than let it work with apps and rules I had previously set up. Now with the time change and less daylight I would like to add a motion sensor and have no idea how to do it and have searched with no good results.
Here is what I currently have- exterior lights set to come on at sunset at a level of 1% and stay on until 1 am. This was set up with rule machine so I could get to the 1% setting.I would like to add my motion sensor to in front of the garage so that when motion is detected when the lights are on, they will brighten to 100% for 5 minutes after motion is no longer detected and then return to the 1%. If I read things right, rule machine is no longer, does that mean if I mess with it I will lose function?
Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to say I am a novice at all this, so please explain to me like I am a little kid.:grinning:

Rule Machine will work, just don’t un install it. There is no longer any updates or support for it from the original developer.

I don’t know how complex your setup is, but you may want to look into CoRE since you’re adding a new device. There is a very active following of CoRE and you’ll have a better chance of getting help with your setup.