Integrating Lutron casetta dimmer switches?

There are very few single pole smart switches available for those of us with older homes/wiring. The Lutron PD-6WCL-WH Caseta Wireless 600/150-Watt Single Pole In-Wall Dimmer has been reliable and a quality product for me. I’ve switched all of my other smart devices from my Wink hub to my Smartthings hub. Sure would be nice to have the option to get rid of my Wink.

It uses a different radio which SmartThings doesn’t have. It could be possible through a cloud-to-cloud integration with the Lutron Bridge Pro but I suspect that Lutron requires too many restrictions on the switches for SmartThings to push ahead with it.

There is a custom integration somewhere on this community but it requires a rooted Wink hub.

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Lutron is great. This is one of the biggest deal breakers for me and using smartthings exclusively. I now use the Harmony Hub as a sort of EA1 type controller and integrate it with Smarthings. I have several tablets around the house and use harmonys app as the controller. In that sense, Smarthings can control litron switches. Just not the way you hope. For example, I have a Harmony activity that turns on two lutron dimmers. I call it nightlight. A motion sensor in smartthings initiates it and runs the activity. Once motion has stopped for 6 minutes, it shuts it back off, but only if we are in night mode. Works very well.

Wanted to chime in (I’m still new to the ST community but have followed quite a bit). I’ve been a big fan of the Wink Hub for a while, but to be perfectly honest, I think I was more a fan of the idea of it and the simple interface (lets not talk about the “robots”).

At some point I decided to root mine - mostly for kicks - using the nand short as I was well past the php exploit, and had originally planned to do something using openHab (which I’m still kind of disappointed that I couldn’t do - mostly a time constraint), but ended up with a v2 ST hub.

Long story short, I’ve been using the integration to access the Lutron stuff I have (I gave up on the pico remotes and the zigbee bulb dimmer thingy), but I’ve found that using the rooted wink with a link from somewhere in this post: ST Lutron Support has caused the wink hub to be somewhat unstable… the aprond process doesn’t always start automatically and at some point its like some buffer or some thing gets full/backed up and it stops processing commands and I have to reboot the wink hub. I may have borked a symlink… but without knowing all the original linkages (cause my awsomeness doesn’t need backups…) I may never know…

In any case, YMMV… but I think Lutron’s stuff is some of the best looking and reasonably intuitive and responsive out there (I’ve not used their hub, just devices). I’m also always amazed at how responsive Lutron (and Hue) are (button clicks - not support, can’t speak to that one). On that note… Z-wave (and really zigbee for that matter) annoys me a lot for a lot of reasons… but thats another conversation entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

I just ordered the Lutron package deal with hub via the Amazon Echo sale. I noticed that SmartThings compatibility is “coming soon” for the hub - hope this is true!


It is true!


And if you have a pc/raspberry pi that is always on in your house you can setup the solution below

Been using it for a month now and its rock solid and almost instant because it connects on your LAN. Plus the coder should have the picos integrated soon (if you have the pro Lutron hub). The Official integration will be cloud to cloud and will likely not allow you to add the remotes as devices.


Great - I take it that I there isn’t a compatible antenna in the ST Hub and that I’ll still need the Lutron Hub also? I’d like to get purchasing and installing while I wait for the SmartThings integration to come.

Correct, you will need a Lutron Bridge as well.

Don’t suppose there is any projected timeline for this compatibility? Just getting started with my system and definitely prefer the Lutron switches to any of the currently available Z-Wave options. Homeseer switches are not bad, but have an audible buzz when dimmed that I don’t think I can live with. Wanted to stay with ST over Wink due to advanced capabilities, but my patience may get the better of me!

i just contacted ST support but nothing on the Lutron interface anyone out there have an idea on timing

in the meantime you can try this unofficial integration. It requires a bit more technical knowledge but might give more robust features:

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