Integrating Kidde Smoke / CO Sensors into SmartThings Properly

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Thank you very much @vseven, Smoke installed and working well, now I need other WADWAZ-1 to install CO.

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Hi @vseven I made some test on DH of CO, but the main screen did not show the Alarm, on Tab Recently I can see status changed.

This was the DTH directly from my GitHub with no modifications made to it?

Yes I copy from your repository.

I think I know what it might be, something that also affected the smoke. It doesn’t affect the operation nor the the notification for smart home monitor but it might affect the display. Currently out of town for work but when I get back home I’ll try to take a look at this.

Thank you very much.

Try downloading the update and let me know how it works. Keep in mind the DTH is actually a “smoke” capabilities but will display “CO” when detected. This was done because Smart Home Monitor won’t let you add a CO sensor, only smoke.

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@vseven works very well, Thank you very much again.

Hi all,

So the combo units send two different signals on the comm wire. One signal for Smoke, and one signal for CO.

The SM120X looks for the smoke signal on the Comm wire, and the CO relay looks for the CO signal.

So if I have a house with some combo units, and some smoke only units. But the most accessible is a smoke only in the basement. Can I use that comm wire with both relays?

I make an assumption that because the comm wire is shared it will carry both signals even in the basement where there isn’t a combo Smoke/CO detector.

Thanks in advance. Great job finding this and building out the device handler. I am excited to build this.

Yeah, that’s how my house is also (mix of sensors) and I can confirm that my second floor Smoke/CO sets off the smoke relay which is wired to a smoke only detector in the basement. You should have a single 12/3 wire going between your sensors so the signal wire should be the same everywhere.



Do you still have the script for Kidde smoke integration into Smartthings? I would like to add it to my hub so I can have it in SHM. I looked on GitHub and did not see it under vseven/SmartThings_VSeven

Thank you in advance.


They are still in there. modified-zwave-door-window-sensor-for-co.groovy and modified-zwave-door-window-sensor-for-smoke.groovy

thanks for the idea, I just integrated it. Here is a quick video I made


can you share the custom device handler…Thanks

Links are in 2 posts up from yours :wink:

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Or you can add my GitHub repo to your account and pull them from there:

vseven - SmartThings_VSeven - master

I got it Sir! I’m so grateful for your help. It was a challenging time but you made it easier. Thank you very much!!

Just updated the DTH’s to hopefully display properly in the new SmartThings app. You may have to go into your devices and select a different device type, save it, then go back in and select this one.

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This is simply awesome - I just installed it today in my house and it works like a charm at first install !! Thank you so much for the efforts for putting this guide together !

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