Integrating a wired alarm to work with smartthings

Hi I’m new to smartthings and I’m no programmer but I’m seeing a few threads on using a wired alarm system with smartthings I’m wanting to do this. Ideally what I want to be able to do is:

  1. remotely arm/disarm the alarm
  2. be alerted when the alarm is triggered
    3)still have diffent set modes e.g night or day
    4)reset alarm remotely
  3. in the future I might want it to trigger some other activities but this isn’t essential.

I have wired system already install but I’m happy to get a different panel if necessary but I don’t want to go wireless. Also um based in the UK so unfortunately we don’t have a huge amount of things available here.

Any help will be appreciated and thankyou in advance.

take a look

Hey Frazer, welcome. I’m in the same situation as you, and UK based also.

I looked into this and considered the ESP8266 home-brew route, with SmartThings being the brain. I decided against it in the end for security and reliability reasons.

I’m in the process of replacing my old wired panel with a new DSC alarm panel. This new one can link to smartthings, and all sensor status and events are piped into smartthings.

So I can use smartthings for remote monitoring and notifications, and automation based on all my existing alarm sensors, but most importantly I get the reliability and security of a regular wired alarm panel.

I got the panel, keypads and other parts off ebay for a reasonable price, total around £250.

If by chance you went this route I have a brand new Envisalink card for sale for £80.
Good luck!

Hi thanks for the reply @Meirion_Williams what model DSC panel are you using please and how does it link to smartthings? I’m familiar with basic intruder systems but not used a DSC panel before. And also what is the envisalink card? Is to install in the panel for it to communicate with smartthings? If so do you know which panels it is compatible with thanks in advance.

@Meirion_Williams just looked into this a bit more I’ll take that card off your hands please. Think I may have found a panel thanks for your advise would you keep me updated on your progress too please.

Great! It needs to be a DSC PowerSeries alarm as far as I know. I chose the PC1832 for mine (photo above). It’s just a regular alarm panel, and the Envisalink card wires in like an additional keypad (4 wires).

Yes you’re right, the Envisalink communicates over the network to smartthings, using a bit of software, AlarmDecoder.

I’ll message you about the card. cheers.

An alternative method:

@frazhd2 I hadn’t heard from you so should I take it you don’t need the Envisalink card? Thanks