Integrated siren?


I am considering buying the Smartthings hub3, I come from Iris and i liked that the hub had an integrated siren (not too loud but useful). I was wondering if Smartthings has a siren integrated as well?


The SmartThings/ADT model hub does have an integrated siren.

For the other hub models, you need to use a standalone.

There are five or six sirens on the official “works with smartthings“ list in the “other“ category.

That means that out of the box you will have on/off control of the siren. For the ones that have advanced features, you might need to use custom code to access those features, which is usually mentioned on the manufacturer’s website.

I did come over from Iris and I went with the ADT smart things set up because of in no small part of the integrated siren and the integrated keypad.

The integrated siren is fairly loud although it’s in a fairly large but shared space with a utilitech siren that I carried over from Iris so the 2 combined will definitely hurt your head.