Integrate ST on multiple flic hubs?

Hi community,
I recently bought the flic Twist and flic Hub mini. They work really well with my ST scenes and now I‘m thinking about to get some more flic 2 buttons. The problem is that my house has three floors so it won’t work with just that one flic Hub mini. Is it still the case, that you can link your ST account to just one hub at a time? If so, is there and type of work around for that? Would like to stick to one brand when it comes to smart buttons.

I also asked the same thing in the flic community and one of their team members responded:

„I haven’t checked if Smartthings has changed anything, but when we implemented it Smartthings made the mistake to only distribute one set (the same set) of oauth2 credentials every time you log in. That way, when the auth token expires and the refresh token must be used to get new credentials, only that hub learns the new credentials. The other hubs that had the same original credentials now have old invalid credentials.

Other oauth2 providers give you new unique credentials every time you log in so they don’t have this problem.“

Any info in that topic would be much appreciated

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