Instructions for a visitor...have you written anything you can share?

Just realized I will have guests next week while I will not be home. Thinking I need to leave some sort of instructions. Anyone done something like this you are willing to share so I have some sort of idea where to start…Thanks


Hey, I’m actually updating this tonight as well! I’ll let you know when it’s done!


How do you do this? I knew I had seen that thread, but could not find it…You are the best. Thanks

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This is ours :wink:

Everything else just works or is intuitive.


I remember what I read. Not Word for Word (my sister can do that) but the concepts. So it’s not that hard. Although duplicate threads drive me crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bet you’re a Google search master of the universe too! Logical engineering minds tend to know exactly which key words to use.


I have laminated flashcards - on a ring - at least device names helps if they are so inclined.
and a few basics like when you lie down in bed - just say "alexa, turn on Goodnight " and everything will be taken care of for you - no need to lock door, turn off lights etc etc.

Depends on how much automation you have really - but I also have a GUEST MODE and a Routine to turn it on - you could potentially do something like that that would allow as much or disable things while you have company - just an idea.

Good luck !