Insteon Local Control!

K, that’s similar to how I first had it, didn’t do port forwarding, just used local requests to the hub. I think it was @slagle code that I used for that. Hypermoose’s code with the API code (took a number of tries to get) works almost as quick as the direct commands, but it will at least update status every 5 minutes, couldn’t get the other code to do that since it needs to parse the hub’s data stream. I have to “update” his code from time to time though as it gets amnesia in the system…

do you have to run this on an external computer or custom code as a ST handler?

I haven’t released the updates yet.

What I’ve basically done is create device types. You would just create a new device as a insteon dimmer switch (for example). You would have to set your IP, username, password, and device ID.

Then you would have full control of the device via SmartThings

Hope to see it soon.

Looking forward to it as well as I am trying to use the FanLinc myself with SmartThings. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

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I don’t have a FanLinc…

Are the commands you can send to it:

  • On
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Off

Is there anything else you can do with a FanLinc?

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idealerror, if I may butt in…

I have a Fanlinc. You basically send dimmer commands to it:

Off = 0% brightness
Low = 1-49%
Med = 50-99%
High = 100%

The Fanlinc also has wiring for a dimmable light. The fan is Group 2 and the light is Group 1. The fan and light share the same device ID.

I use a Switchlinc Dimmer to control the fan and I control the light via my phone app only (I didn’t have the wall space for a second dimmer switch).

I need to control Insteon and Z-Wave devices with an Amazon Echo and remotely with a smart phone. I know about ISY and OpenHAB, but I ran across this forum and your code sounds like you’ve done it (the Insteon part, I mean).

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#idealerror, it seems like your github code for insteon is not there anymore. Can you send me link? I have the on off working with michaelgold original code, but dimmer doesnt seem to be working. I also have several other insteon devices (motion/leak sesnors) and dont know if there is anything out there which I can use. ai saw there is a web service created by someone, but its windows based, I wish it was for raspberry pi. also, dont know if it works with v2hub for insteon.

I’ll reupload the code later today.

My only issue is background refreshing. I can’t get it to background poll the device status. Pushing refresh works to update the status works fine.

My 2nd issue is SmartThings doesn’t like the malformed XML so I have it accessing through a 3rd party on one of my servers.

I’ll have it up later this evening

I have the code up… however background polling is not functioning currently.

I’ll have that fixed hopefully this week.

The code is here:

I’ve fixed the background refresh.

Dimmer and On Off are supported by Plugs and Switches.

Here’s the Insteon Dimmer:

Here’s the Insteon OnOff:

Works GREAT!!! Just need to setup dynamic DNS

Excited to try this out! Just got a ST for zwave control and zigbee control. Currently lots of Insteon gear with an ISY controller. Im going to get an Insteon Hub to try this out and hopefully leave the Insteon gear in place.

Id keep the ISY in place for local control of insteon and the keypadlincs so groups still work when internet goes down,
use the ST to control from my phone a little better and use SmartTiles and handle the somfy blinds/zigbee fans/insteon lights…
and use my harmony hub/insteon hub/smarthtings to handle scenes for movies and TV.
Sonos controlled either direct, via ST, harmony, or Insteon.

Lots of overlap and redundancy I know :slight_smile:

if i ever replace my insteons with zwaves i guess i can just drop the ISY/Insteon altogether, but I have 16-18 insteon switches, so thats about $600 in switchgear vs $100 to plop in an insteon hub. If it doesnt work well, screw it i’ll switch to zwave

Is there a way to leverage this for use with an isy controller instead of the Insteon controller?

There already is device handlers and a smartApp for the ISY. Been using it for a year works great.

Will this work with a FanLinc and have control over both the light and fan speeds? Also, how about the 6 button keypadlincs?


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Just wanted to express my gratitude for the work you’ve done here! Just got this setup yesterday and it works flawlessly - I can finally use Insteon dimmers in SmartThings - it was such a missing ingredient for my CoRE routines. Thanks so much again!

I am not sure if its on my end but I no longer have local control of my insteon gear through smart things.

Nothing has changed on my end but a new switch. I am able to telnet to the port without issues

Any ideas?

@idealerror would you be willing to share what you did on your back end to parse the malformed xml? I like the work you have done but don’t want to send anything to your server as it looks like your not using https. Thanks…

The php script is a few posts down in my thread