Instant status on Leviton devices

[Note: I’ve edited this post to reflect updated information]

I have a number of Leviton devices (models VRE06-1LZ, VRS15-1LZ, VRF01-1LZ) which support instant status, but I was having a problem that the SmartThings hub didn’t seem to support instant status on these devices.  The SmartThings hub was not picking up status changes when the switches were physically pressed. The SmartThings app was also freezing when it attempted to turn off devices that were already off, but it incorrectly thought were on since they’d been pressed at the switch.

I contacted SmartThings Support, and turns out that the SmartThings hub does support instant status with these Leviton devices, but my hub needed a firmware update. After updating the hub’s firmware, excluding all the Leviton devices from the network, and re-adding them, instant status now works properly.

What is the current firmware on your hub?


The firmware version I updated to, which fixed the issue, is 000.011.00603.

I didn’t check before the update, so I don’t know what version I was previously running.

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On this topic… I am new here and have searched around but need some clarification.

I want to control on/off of 3 light switches.
I was originally going to purchase the GE Lowes/IRIS switch, but then learned about them not providing instant status. Does this matter?

For Example:
If there is a mix of lights currently on and others off. I then change the mode to Away/Off - a signal is sent - Is it a discrete OFF command or just a toggle command?
Obviously I would want all lights to turn off.

I hope that makes sense, I can’t seem to understand the value of Instant Status vs. Polling.

Thank you in advance

It’s the OFF command.

Thank you, what is the advantage of Instant Status vs Polling?

Generally, polling is not as responsive, since you cannot poll often enough.

I don’t think you should worry about this for your purposes.

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