Instant Reporting in SmartThings

Background: I have a number of automations, so that when a switch is turned on, other switches get turned on. There is a 15-30 second delay, from the time that the switch is pressed until the other switches are turned on. (Hub : ST V2, is very close)
Question: If I change the pressed switch to one that has “instant reporting” (e.g. Levitron RF+), will that eliminate the delay of 15-30 seconds?

Thanks in advance.
If someone has direct experience with this issue, an answer would be greatly appreciated.

Not today, you’re issues aren’t on the device end.
No matter the device (except some wifi devices), you should see state changes within a second or two max.
In short it’s not you or your stuff atm…


I was under the impression that without “instant reporting” the hub wouldn’t pick up state changes until it was polled. Isn’t that correct?

Not necessarily. There are multiple ways for a switch to inform the hub that there’s been a change. Lutron has a patent on one method, which has been licensed by cooper and Leviton and uses the “hail” Z wave command set. With this method the device tells the hub that its switch has been changed. That’s the method which is most commonly referred to as instant reporting.

An alternative method which for technical reasons does not violate the patent uses the Z wave command set “association.” With this method, the switch sends out an instruction to other devices to turn on when it turns on or off when it turns off. Then the hub is included in this “Association group,” but the hub is smart enough not to turn itself off – – it just takes note of the fact that the off request was sent.

And most recently there is a new method available for newer Z wave devices called “central scenes.” With this, the switch interprets the manual operation as a request for a specific scene, converts that to a scene number, and sends the scene number to the hub. Again for technical reasons it does not violate the patent.

Even when the two alternate methods are not available, there may be other ways for the hub to update status quite quickly. For example, the smart things hub request a “heartbeat status” from the hue bridge about every five seconds, and that returns the status of all the devices attached to the bridge, they don’t have to be individually polled.

So just depends on the exact devices that you’re talking about.

It also depends on the exact method you’re using to have one switch control the others. Is it a smart lighting automation or something else?

15-30 seconds is a loooooong time. I have similar rules that only take a few seconds. GE zwave switches/dimmers

What are you using to detect state change and update other switches?

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I am using a SmartApps Lighting Automation. Is that why it’s taking so long?
It’s a dimmer. Does a dimmer take longer than a simple switch?

Is it possible to use any of those methods in a smartapp routine, or do I have to do custom programming?

The dimmer doesn’t take any longer than a simple switch. And smartlighting automation should run fine.

I would definitely report it to support and have them take a look at it. Something is off.

Normally instant reporting would mean 300 to 500 ms, but even the slowest alternative method shouldn’t be more than five seconds.

What are the exact brand and models of the switches involved? Which is the master and which are following?

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The method should be built into the device type handler, normally you as the regular customer wouldn’t have to do anything.