Installing 2nd Hub while 1st Still Exists - How to access 2nd with APP

Hi, I purchased the ADT ST home security kit but also have version 2 hub that I installed a week ago so I don’t have too many routines etc on the old one. The ADT has a built in ST hub and Tech support said they won’t talk to each other. My question is that while I am setting up the ADT how can I access it with my android while the other one is still connected? Will there be location choices on the APP? Also any advice on how to convert to the ADT? For example do I need to de-activate devices from the old hub before trying to connect to the ADT hub.

I am looking forward to chiming in on here any problems and experiences I have with the ADT hub.

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I have had 2 hubs running. You can’t communicate between them but the app has a selection option.
Click on the home page hamburger icon (on the top right). A sidebar will open and the top will say something like “Home” Mode is day. You can touch this and a drop down will let you toggle between hubs.

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Yes. Devices can’t be paired to two hubs at the same time.

Z-wave devices have to be physically put into exclusion mode on the device, then excluded from the mobile app.

Zigbee devices can just be removed from the app.

It used to be that you had to remove each device from every individual smartapp. I don’t think you have to do that anymore, it’ll just warn you when you try to remove it that the device is still linked to a smartapp (it’s been a little while since I removed any devices so can’t remember exactly).