Input "theHub", "hub", multiple: false, required: true breaks the Simulator

I am creating a SmartApp Controller. I need to register custom child devices. For this, I need to have the hub selected in the preferences.

If I add input "theHub", "hub", multiple: false, required: true to the preferences section, the Simulator will not show the Preferences after the Location is select.

When I publish the app, the Preferences work correctly.

If I remove that line, the Preferences work in both the Simulator and in the App.

Just adding that one line input "theHub", "hub", multiple: false, required: true causes the Simulator to break.

Does anyone know why?

The Simulator has a lot of bugs, so it is often necessary to rely on testing the published SmartApp on real devices.

Selection of a Hub is not a particularly common use case at this time, as a Location can only have one Hub (currently), and a SmartApp cannot run across more than one Location.

Still, I would detail this with the full source code and open a case with – they will take a while to respond, but the bug will be logged for eventual investigation.

Not a bug, but not a feature yet… from support on Oct, 9 2015:

Simulating a hub is not possible in our current simulator. A new simulator is in the pipeline though. Please continue to use the mobile app for your testing.

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