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Inovelli Z-wave switches suddenly unresponsive



Pinging @Eric_Inovelli:slight_smile:


Hey @RaineyRider,

Sorry to hear about the issues, that’s not good! Question for you. How many Z-Wave devices do you have that are non-battery operated?

Also, how far would you say the switch is from the HUB or closest Z-Wave (non-battery powered) device?

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out!


(RaineyRider) #23

Unit is about 15-20 feet from SmartThings hub. This is the only Z-wave non-battery powered device as all other Z-wave devices are battery powered (3 of them) and connect without issue. One of the battery powered Z-wave devices is across the foyer from this location (5 feet).


(Nathan Curtis) #24

Sounds like a range issue. Yes I know ZWave is supposed to have a longer distance than that but it’s under the best of circumstances and obstacles heavily impact range. Battery operated devices do not repeat ZWave signal. Your symptoms indicate that the signal is intermittent between the hub and switch (failed ZWave repair)

Is it possible to obtain a ZWave repeater and install it physically between the hub and your switch? If you’re in the US, a device like the Lowes Iris 3210-L will repeat both ZWave and Zigbee.

(RaineyRider) #25

Thanks - will try that - probably the issue - did not understand that battery operated devices do not repeat like powered units.

Appreciate the quick responses.


My Inovelli switch / motion sensor combo has worked great for 2-3 weeks… but now the poor thing doesn’t want to turn off via automation or the app. Will turn off locally… read this thread and others and have tried exclude/include, turning off device health, checking raw description and have moved my hub 5 feet away from the switch (even with it working for weeks where it was).

Any update here @Kianoosh_Karami on root cause of Caro’s issue?

(Caroline Rosin) #27

I’m not sure what the problem is/was, but I added more z-wave devices to my network (originally only had two - now I have 4 z wave switches) and since then it started working properly. No more issues for a few weeks so far.

Edited to add : also I don’t think it was a switch issue, at first I replaced my two original switches with new ones and I had the exact same issue. Then I installed my two “old” ones at other locations (and left the two “new” ones at the original locations) and everything started to work properly.


Thank you for replying Caroline, happy you are operational as this restores some faith. Not enough faith to go out and pick up more switches… although this was the plan.

(Kianoosh Karami) #29

I am willing to help.

DM me your Hub ID and the node ID or the name of the devices.


I have been having all the issues noted above and performed all the troubleshooting/repair steps mentioned. I did take note of Mike_S’ post on 8/16 and checked the errant switch. It too had all zeros for manufacturer and model etc. Excluded and paired and now:

zw:L type:1001 mfr:0312 prod:1E01 model:1E01 ver:1.03 zwv:4.61 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,5A,85,59,73,25,27,70,75,22,8E,55,6C,7A role:05 ff:9D00 ui:9D00

Fingers crossed, let’s see if this works for more than the last hour that it has been responsive and working fine.
I’ll update in a week or so.




Eight hours later and back to unresponsive switch.
GE and other switches all are working.


I’m having the same issue.
I can send a switch.on() through a smartapp, and it turns on.
Nothing happens when I send
I can turn it off manual, back on through a switch.on() as much as I like.

So, my guess is its an issue with the implementation of the “off” command in the switches firmware.
Certainly not a range issue, since “on” works every time and the status updates in SmartThings Classic every state change.


What information do you need to debug this and get it fixed? I just want my switch to work.


Hey @jarr and @gvnicolas,

Sorry about the delay here, I dont always hop in ST’s forums as often as I’d like to.

Question for both of you - do you have any sort of device handlers installed? If so, try deleting them out of IDE completely and then re-installing them using this link:

If that doesn’t fix it, we’ll send a replacement(s) no problem at all.

It’s probably going to be faster if you reach out to our customer service team ( as I don’t always see these responses unless I’m tagged.

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out and get you taken care of, you have my word.


(Lorne Cohen) #35

I ran into something similar a while ago.

My one on/off switch would only work from SmartThings, manually it would not respond.
Two dimmers stopped responding to SmartThings but would work manually.

It was super frustrating.

I did fix it by going into each light’s setup. The DH “Disable Local Access” was not set (just blank). So I set them all to NO. Saved and then everything started to work again, normally.

I don’t know if that fixed it or the fact it took a configuration change to ‘reset’ it but it worked for me.


Thanks for the response.
I got my switch working for now. Annoyingly, I changed a few things at once, so I’m not sure what fixed it…

I started out with no custom device handler, I was just using the generic switch on. I then switched to the Inovelli one, but it was still not working. I then deleted the device from the network and re-added it so it used the Inovelli device handler from initialization. At the same time I re-positioned my SmartThings hub
Now its working consistently.

So (if it continues to work) it was likely either a range issue, or a case where the custom device handler had to be in place BEFORE adding it to the network…


Very interesting and sorry for the frustration – please keep me posted, I’m always happy to help!

(Derek) #38

I am relatively new to SmartThings. I was really enjoying the experience until working with this switch.

I bought this switch in October via amazon. It always was super laggy from the get go. It would say “turning on” or “turning off” and I’d have to repeat the action in multiple locations of the app to get it to finally complete the action.

Now two weeks later the device will only turn on from the SmartThings app. I cannot turn it off. It works as a manual switch but that’s it. My hub is one room away (15 feet through one wall with regular drywall)

I was originally excited to automate things with ST. This experience has me thinking all these devices are not worth the hassle or money as they are not reliable — I have wasted more time troubleshooting the switch than time saved by getting up off my butt to turn on a light. The irony that ST and this switch were to simplify/automate life… lol!

I looked at water leak sensors a few weeks back. Think I’ll pass based on a simple light switch being inoperable the majority of its operating life. I can see it now “honey, why is the water off? Oh ST decided to turn off our water main because the device is acting up”


Strange I have over 20 Inovelli dimmers and they are all working fine. Just want to confirm that you installed the custom device handler as documented on the Inovelli site? Make sure you install the device handler for the model of which you have. Also you may want to ping @Eric_Inovelli since his is very responsive on the SmartThings board.


Hey @Dam338,

Sorry for all the frustration, I promise we didn’t design it with that in mind :slight_smile:

It sounds like a distance issue (I know you mentioned 15ft thru drywall, and that’s well within Z-Wave specs) but something is happening that’s preventing the signal to fully reach the switch (hence, why your switch will only turn on and not off).

I’m not sure if you reached out to us, but we’re happy to help in these situations. We’ve all been there personally (I have some pretty bad horror stories from my wink days) and can pretty quickly assess the situation and fix it.

What I’d like to do if you haven’t already given up on ST is to send you a repeater first to see if that helps things and if not, then replace the switch for you.

Feel free to shoot me a PM or reach out to us at:

Sorry again for the frustration and I hope to hear from you!

Founder | Inovelli