Inovelli outdoor smart plug / dumb user

So I was using the Inovelli outdoor smart plug and it worked great…until I got water in it. But it was my fault. I’m usually kind of lazy when it comes to holiday lighting and using extension cords outside. Just throw them around and not even caring…“its made for outside it will be good”…yeah that doesnt cut it and I should know better. This item was well built and made to be sealed rather well. But I must have hung it upside the wrong way and a downpour filled it up until someone left the gray smoke out. :slight_smile: I took it apart after a few days of drying , it could still be used as a splitter cord because both channels were on but the smarts were gone. Took it apart and found a bunch of burned up caps and such…Good plug/bad user. Down $30 …Live and learn

NEWBIE TRICK #692 Don’t think/assume outdoor plugs are indestructible! Point the power plug end down so rain does not get in it. There’s even a hook to hang the thing the right way.


Hey @Smurfkiller,

Sorry about your plug! Accidents happen, it’s all good. Reach out to me (either shoot me a PM or via and I’ll send you a replacement, no problem at all.

We can’t have you’re Holiday lights not on a smart plug :slight_smile:

Talk to you soon and have a great day!

Founder | Inovelli