Inovelli dimmer switch with no netural

I was reading that tje above switch can work without a netural and I a wondering if this would work for me. I have a stairway to 2 rooms downstairs and each room & the stairs have 3 way lighting. I am 99% sure there is no netural and I just finished my k iui then so I can’t really start another project but I could afford this if it’s possible.

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Thanks @JDRoberts - always looking out!

@all4dom - yes, the dimmers will work without a neutral in a 3-Way setting, but you will need to purchase an auxiliary switch as well (GE or HomeSeer) for the other end of the 3-Way.

Edit: for clarification for others - if you have a neutral wire, you can choose either a dumb or aux switch… But the non-neutral setup can only use an aux switch in a 3-Way (or any multi-switch setup)

The dimmers should be wrapping up production shortly and you can follow the progress here:

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Does homeseer need a netural because I know the ge add on needs one .

I’ll get some wiring schematics up shortly, but in this case, you’ll actually wire a traveler to the neutral terminal and the load to the load terminal for the aux switches (if you scroll down in that thread above, there’s a YouTube video of the switch working with the GE aux switch).

Here’s a video of it in action:

I have the new red series dinner that does not require a neutral. I have tried with 2 he add on switches wired up exactly as said online. I have tried everything I could find at the inovelli support forums. The ge add on switches can usually only turn off the lights. They can very intermittently turn them on. I have tried removing one of the ge add in switches and same problems.

I have tried setting parameters via the classic all, ide, and the switch. The ide shows that the correct parameters for no-neutral and 3way momentary are set. I have tried resetting the switch and resetting the settings several times.