Inovelli Device Handler Updates?

I’m one of those that is bouncing between both apps. One of the things I miss seeing in the new app (with also an upgrade from v2 to v3 hub) are the device handler features with scenes for the nzw30 switch. Any chance these will work again with my v3 hub in the new app?

As I continue the SH path, I was looking to start using scenes more.

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Hey guys,

We’ll take a look at this and maybe @Kianoosh_Karami can explain further, but our understanding is that not all device handlers work yet in the new app.

What I can tell you is we plan on making our new switches WWST Certified and part of that I assume entails having these built in scene features compatible with the new app.

However, for the old switches, I’m not sure what the timeline is for porting over old handlers and/or allowing them to work in the new app.

@erocm1231, feel free to jump in if I misspoke!


I am not sure if we are going to ever support native Z-Wave Scenes feature in general. Obviously, the feature itself is super useful and quicker in principal, but I think leveraging our platform for automations, routines and scenes provides more capability and flexibility in the long run.

@Spartysh32 as @Kianoosh_Karami mentions the Z-Wave “scene” capability really isn’t supported by SmartThings. That is why developers convert the scene commands to button events inside of the device handler. In that sense the “scene” capabilities work in the old app as well as the new app. Smart Lighting is an example of an app that can handle button events in the new SmartThings app.

The advanced features of devices specified by the “Preferences” section in the device handler don’t seem to be accessible with the new app. This would be something like the minimum level, dimming speed, etc. I’m not sure what the plan is to get those to show up in the new app. The SmartThings team would know the answer to that. Those preferences can be changed in the classic app for the time being though.

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The scenario I’m thinking off is a double button press on a circuit on the first floor will turn that switch off, and turn on a separate circuit on in the upstairs hallway. Can this be done through normal ST default feature set?

Yes, it is totally possible with the default feature set of the new app. In the below link is a video showing how it would be set up. I am using the SmartThings Smart Lights app to create two automations. The first one tells the selected Inovelli dimmer to turn itself off when I double tap the bottom button (button 2 held). The second one turns on a GE module when the same action is taken (double tap bottom button on the Inovelli).

The end result is when I double tap the bottom button on the Inovelli dimmer it turns itself off and turns on the plugin module at the same time (which is the scenario I believe you were asking about).

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I have a bunch of nzw30s switches ive been meaning to install and trying to figure out how to set up the scenes. @erocm1231 that video doesn’t seem to be working. Could you repost it please?

Video seems to be working for me.

There is also a knowledge base article for the LZW30-SN, but the information also applies to the NZW30S.

@erocm1231 amazing thank you, didn’t realize it was the same. I’ll give that a shot, thanks!!