INNR Zigbee Smart Plug losing connection

Hi Folks,
I have a handful of INNR smart plugs and bulbs connected via Hue bridge and then to Smartthings v3. Both seem to lose connection once a week or so and have to powered off and reset. I also have Hue bulbs that never lose connection. Both INNR and Hue bulbs are in the some of the same rooms in very close proximity to one another. Would getting an INNR hub solve this issue? I have heard of similar issue with other INNR users using Hue bridge. Any recommendations on more reliable zigbee smart plugs?

Occasionally have this issue too with INNR plugs… I have 2 Hue plugs that are 100% reliable but at more than twice the cost they should be!

I have not had any such issues with INNR bulbs however but thier transitions do not seem quite so smooth as the Hue equivalents.

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Should add that I played around with Zigbee channel settings between Hue and ST as well as ensuring as much separation from and between W-Fi and Sonos as possible and matters seemed to improve somewhat. I still get the occasional dropout though. This includes one socket within 8 feet of the hub so I guess it is an INNR thing and have lived with it… :frowning:

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Innr support asked me to reset bulbs connected to V3 Hub getting dropouts. I also changed zigbee channel from 18 to 20. Much more stable now.


Ill give it a shot. Thank you!