Innr Bulb - Switches Itself On after zbjoin

Hi All,

I’ve done a few searches and can see some posts regarding Innr Bulbs but nothing I can see related to the specific issue I am having.

I have 2 x BY265 bulbs (White, Dimmable). Both connected first time and initially seemed to be working well on my v2 hub. The issue comes at random time intervals, the bulb switches itself on. I have tried both bulbs in different locations and reset them multiple times each.

The device history shows a timestamp and switch = On but initially I could see no reason why. Comparing the time it switches on to the hub event list I can see this always follows a zbjoin event for the Innr bulb. I’ve not noticed this before but I can see other zbjoin events for other devices such as several ST power outlets but it seems to have no impact on their operation.

Some general googling uncovered a few posts that suggest the Innr bulb defaults to ‘On’ following the join process and suggested this was hardcoded (perhaps not the correct term?) and cannot be updated… I have had a look at the device handler (zigbee_dimmer) but I can’t see anything relating to the default.

Does anyone have an ideas on how to change the default or stop the frequent drop/reconnects please?

Just to be clear, at these random times the bulb had been off and actually changed to on, as opposed to reporting on when it already was on?

The other obvious question is could these bulbs be accidentally powered off and on?

Chances are thats built into the device firmware and you cant change it… But thats only a band aid. To FIX this figure out the disconnect and fix it.

Zigbee and ZWave disconnects are ALMOST ALWAYS signal issues. Add a repeating device for the protocol and see if it gets better. Considering fhis is Zigbee, a few strategically placed zigbee pocket outlets would probably fix you up. You will have to perform a Zigbee heal after adding the repeater(s). Searvh Zigbee heal and you should find multiple posts witb the process.

Hi Gents, thanks for the replies.

  1. Device turns on after zbjoin when was in the off state. The first time I noticed it an automation switched it off at 23:30 as it should, but it came back on at 00:08 (everyone was in bed) after the zbjoin
  2. Power was not switched off at any point during the tests
  3. I have an ST Power Outlets in the same room as the original bulb location and 2 in the next room
  4. I have already done the “remove batteries from the hub and power down for 30 minutes” but I will look into the ‘Zigbee heal’ and try that

So should I be focusing on the reason for the drop outs rather than trying to change the bulb settings?


Yes. You should.

Ok, so when I originally looked into the event log I could see a couple of zbjoin events for other devices so didn’t take too much notice and didn’t see this as ‘unexpected’ but I have no frame of reference outside of my own event list. This is why I went down the ‘change the default’ route. I’ve since rebooted the hub so I have 115 zbjoin events now…

So I think you are saying, I should not expect drops outs on devices as a rule?

Yes thats exactly what im saying. Dropped devices do happen on occasion, but if your mesh is healthy they generally don’t.

Thanks Nathan.

For info - could one ‘dodgy’ device cause a rejoin for everything on that route? As both bulbs are new and they exhibit the same issue, is it reasonable to assume they are dropping due to an issue in the route, not themselves directly?

Any idea how to trace the root cause?

That ABSOLUTELY could happen. Or other weirdness - really depends on what all the other devices are, really… Probably the best way is to trace the routes on the devices that are rejoining (alot - there’s good reason devices can rejoin on occasion - but if it’s abnormal compared to others) and see if there’s any commonality?

That is a zigbee heal procedure. It forces each device to recalculate routes once the hub comes back online. Zigbee doesn’t have a separate utility to initiate this process.

Thanks all for the input, really appreciate it!

I will keep an eye on the event log and see what sense I can make if any. I have 7 power outlets of differing ages all across the house (with a view to creating a big mesh) and 11 other zigbee devices (buttons/sensors) that are all battery operated.

I have my eye on one outlet already as I’m pretty sure that was in the route for the bulb in both locations I tried it and I’m pretty sure it’s the original power outlet that came with the hub i.e. the oldest.

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Quick Update: The zbjoin events stopped after I moved the bulbs around and changed their route, I believe the initial issue was due to one power outlet as all the devices that showed zbjoin were routed via that.

However, we had a power cut 2 nights ago so the lights were both on when we woke up, not a problem for the rooms I have them in but something to consider.

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