Innovelli switch with aeotech bypass

I just installed a bypass for my front porch light & am installing an inovelli on/off light switch without a netural. Is there anything special I need to do. My contractor thought he saw something that done so the switch doesnt dry. @Eric_Inovelli

Hey so you will need to buy a dimmer switch bc the on/off switch requires a neutral.

Not sure what you mean here - I wouldn’t want my switches wet :rofl:


Ok thanks & the switch next to it had a netural so I was able to use that one. Now I know I need a dimmer neturals which is all my switches downstairs. Are dumb & no neturals & I hope to replace all of them in the spring. Thank u again.

Well I learn something new every day

@Eric_Inovelli are your device thing handlers compatible with the new app as longer using the classic app?

In the spring I intend robredo my switches downstairs and would like to know the best possible way to install your switches… I have a stairway going downstairs with 2 rooms with all 3 being 3 way switches. I dont believe there are any neturals so what would be the best way to install them. I may be able to get neturals to 2 switches since they are next to each other but I was hoping just to know what options I have.