Innovelli Smart Switch vs GE Z-Wave 14292

@Eric_Inovelli To be honest, you taking the time to stop your busy day and reply to my thread (and doing so so fast) makes all the difference in the world to me. I’ll set myself a reminder to check back on your inventory in September.


No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

Depending on the quantity you need, I may have a couple around the office. Feel free to shoot me a PM or reach out to and let them know you were talking to me and we’ll take care of you.

Have an awesome day!


PS – Thanks @JDRoberts for the tag – you rock!

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Sent you a PM, thank you!!

Hey Eric,

You mention a parameter change to the dimmer that disables the dimming function. Does that mean it can be used with a fan, or still not advised?


Hey @JonLaliberte - excellent question. Yes, unfortunately, still not recommend for fan usage. Hang tight we’re working on a couple fan switches that will be dedicated fan switches, but for now, unfortunately ours are not rated for fan usage :confused:

Hi @Eric_Inovelli
I love the idea that the Inovelli can be used with a dumb switch but none of the dumb switches have the same mechanism where it’s always in the neutral position. Any plans on producing that or even a cheaper add-on version?


Hey @eadler – Excellent question and it’s definitely something we’re considering as the demand seems to be there for us OCD folks :slight_smile:

We’ll be coming out with a remote switch very soon that is essentially our In-Wall switch but battery powered (they look identical – sneak peek here: which you’ll be able to use as a scene switch as well.

But, let me talk with the guys again about launching some sort of aux switch as well as you’re definitely not the first person to ask!


hi @Eric_Inovelli

I just stumbled into this post after doing some research. It seems Inovelli switches with scene control is just what I’m looking for! I’m planning to change the switches in an apartment but I’m also looking for one dimmer. I saw on your site that the dimmer is out of stock, do you have en estimate on when that will be available as well?

Hey @PumaRV – yeah definitely! We may have some refurbished ones (or returns) that we’ve tested to work. Feel free to reach out to us at: and let them know you talked to me (Eric) in the forums and that you’re interested in one of the refurbished dimmers (they carry the same lifetime warranty on them and they’ve been upgraded to the latest firmware and are about $5 less)!

Thanks so much for your support and have an awesome day :slight_smile:


Hello @Eric_Inovelli,

So I have about 5 GE ZWave Plus Smart Switches and dimmers. I need to add some more smart switches and was considering going for yours with the scene control. However, I have a few questions first:

  1. Do your switches have the association class? So would I be able to add the GE switches to your association class and get instant response from the light bulbs controlled by the GE switches (without going through ST)?
    Any idea of the vice versa would work? Associate your switches with the GE ones?
  2. Are any of your Device Handlers local yet? I know the answer is probably no but figured I’ll ask to be surre
  3. Any plans to introduce an add-on switch for 3-way installs? I know it’s been asked a few times but wondering if it’s now on the roadmap. If it isn’t, is it possible to use 2 smart switches for the 3-way vs having to keep a dumb switch?
    Also, if keeping a dumb switch, does the smart switch have to be at a specific location (the main) or can it be used in the slave location?

Thanks for your responses!

Good morning @gbenrus25,

Certainly, I’d be happy to help and thanks for considering us!

Excellent question – they do and we actually developed (I say we, but I mean my brilliant VP of Tech @erocm1231 who’s a wizard) a SmartApp that will associate Z-Wave devices that can be found here: (please reach out to us on how to use it as it’s still in beta)

Great question – so it looks like they’ve ported over our 2-Channel (Indoor) and Door/Temp Sensor to IDE, but other than that, unfortunately, no, ST usually doesn’t upload custom DTH’s to process locally unless there’s an official partnership (working on it, I promise) or there’s not currently a device that has a DTH assigned to it (an example would be our Door/Temp sensor – initially there was no default Door/Temp DTH, so they uploaded ours)

It sure is on the roadmap. You guys have worn me down in asking haha – I have it slated for Q2 2019 (I know, a ways out, but we have some other great innovation set to launch before).

For the latter half of that question – no, unfortunately it isn’t at this time. We’re also working on a solution there by adding a remote in the secondary location, but that won’t be ready for a couple months.

This is actually a great question – I’m no electrician so I’m going to have to ask ours on staff. I would assume though that as long as the, “slave” position has a line/load/neutral and traveler, it would be ok. Here are the wiring diagrams that may help.

Hope this helps?


Thanks for your response @Eric_Inovelli. What tap on the physical buttons would send a basicSet command to the switches in the association group since all the double, triple and … taps are used for scene activation? On the GE switches, double tapping sends a basicSet command directly to the associated switches and also one to the ST hub that can be used as a button using the ABC smartapp.

Great question – I’ll have to have @erocm1231 answer this one as it’s beyond my pay-grade lol.

Founder | Inovelli

Hi @gbenrus25, single tap up/down will send basicSet to devices in the association group. It will also sends central scene reports to the hub to process scenes.

What’s the difference between the 2 options? There is no explanation or readme for any of them.

Thanks @erocm1231 . I’m guessing the single tap is for Association Group 2.

Any chance this also exposes Association Group 3 for double tap commands? I want to be able to double tap up/down and turn on/off all the zwave lights in the room instantly.


If I am understanding you correctly, then no. The association groups respond on single press (group 2 on switch and dimmer) or press and hold (group 3 on the dimmer).

You would have to setup your hub to turn all lights on/off on a double tap with the central scene reports. On SmartThings this won’t be instant but will be pretty close. On local execution hubs such as Hubitat, Homeseer, Fibaro the processing will be basically instant. I would say that on Hubitat for example, it would be hard to tell the difference between a direct association and a scene ran on the hub.

Ah okay… Good to know. Thanks

On the GE 14292, association group 2 responds to a single press while association group 3 responds to a double tap on both the switch and the dimmer. I like that behavior as I can single tap to turn on/off only the light connected to the specific switch and can double tap to turn on/off all the lights in an area. I don’t use association group 2.

What’s interesting about my current setup is with double tapping, the associated light bulbs turn on/off instantly but the actual light bulb connnected to that switch needs ST to turn it on/off and so, has a couple of seconds delay! That’s the magic of not being able to add a switch as part of its own association group.