Initial State: Power Meter

Is anyone here feeding their data into Initial State for analysis? I would like to send over the data from my Aeon Home Energy Monitor but I’m not ever sure where to start. I have all my other devices showing up in the authorization page but nothing on the Aeon device. Thoughts or direction would be appreciated.


Try @davidsulpy … he wrote the integration!

Thanks @tgauchat,

@3one5 I just released a new SmartApp that includes watching for devices that have capability.energyMeter and capability.powerMeter (among other new capabilities). So, check the authentication again and see if it’s there now. Hopefully so! If not, let me know and I’m happy to work with you on getting it corrected!


Also, just realized I already answered your question here: Initial State SmartApp missing

Sorry for double answering your question!

No trouble I’m just as excited as you guys!! :slight_smile: