Infrared to Smartthings (Alarm, Garage Door, etc)

I have a number of IR devices (e.g. Alarm, Garage Door, etc).
I found Harmony Hub that seems to manage IR devices (not sure it would manage the previous two devices).

What is the community using? I have seen some custom projects but I am looking something simple out of the box.
Trying to put Z-wave or zegbee relays all the time is expensive and not efficient.

If you want something out of the box, the harmony hub is the best choice for you.
If your device is not supported by harmony and it uses IR, you can still add it using theses instructions:


I created my own…

Iris/Go Control garage door opener for your garage door

Great idea.
Do you know if it can learn IR codes or there are a pre defined list?

Curious - what garage opener uses IR?

My mistake…RF.
That is what I am looking for…some device that bridges ST to RF.
Any options?

@anon36505037 thanks for the shout out. I have actually also made an IR garage door opener. Maybe one day i’ll make it available for everyone. Here is a picture of the first prototype: IR Garage Door Opener

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That would be fantastic.
I would buy it for sure if you take it to a comercial model.

For RF there is the Broadlink RM Pro… but getting it working with ST is the hard part.

RF just means “radio frequency.” There are many different RF frequencies and protocols in use today. Zigbee is RF. Zwave is RF. WiFi is RF. Bluetooth is RF. 344 MHz is RF.

None of these can talk to each other.

You need to know the exact frequency and protocol being used before you can figure out whether it’s possible to find a bridge device to then talk to SmartThings. Which it may not be – – some RF devices use a manufacturer proprietary encoding.

If the user manual doesn’t say what the specific protocol and frequency are, assuming the device is sold in the United States it will have an FCC license number on the device somewhere. It may be on the back, it’s sometimes inside the battery compartment.

But “RF” alone just isn’t enough information.

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For everyone reference. This is what I was looking for:


Hi @Sergio_Ferreira, thanks for the reference.

I set this up back in Feb of this year, and it’s still working perfectly. I’ve never had to touch it or mess with it in all that time.