Inform zigbee routers of hub joining mode

Hi, does any body knows if smartthings hub acting as a coordinator of a zigbee network, broadcasts a message to already commissioned routers about being in joining mode? so the routers can start network steering and let other nodes join through them?

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Hey @Yiyo!

When joining a new device the SmartThings hub will put the entire network into a state where new devices are allowed to join. This means that the new device can join either directly to the hub or to any of your router capable devices!


Hi Broderick, do you know if this is true in all versions of the hub?, I am developing a zigbee dimmer using a V2, and it doesnt seems to inform the routers, and I have to manually set them in pairing mode, and then when the other node joins the router, sometimes it shows up on the app and sometimes it doesnt, when it doesnt if I add the device manually through the smartthings developer web site using its short address it works.

I ask about the versions of the hub, because v3 has zigbee 3.0 and v2 doesnt.

yep, it would be true for all versions of the hub!

If you are developing a Zigbee product I would highly recommend picking up a Zigbee sniffer so that you can see what is going on over the air between the hub and various devices (yours included!). This can be incredibly useful to see what you may be missing :slight_smile:


Awesome, I will, thanks!