Inexpensive smart plug (US) and other device recommendations needed for newbie

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It is handy to explain what’s the difference between the Ikea and the Neo CoolCam powerplugs.

The first is the price difference.

2nd Zigbee vs Z-Wave

3rd the Neo CoolCam measures power consumption. I have the Laundry SmartThings App installed. The power consumption triggers the start and stop of the Laundry SmartApp. When the washing machine or dryer is finished, I get an alert.

So decide yourself what you like/need/pay.

Grtn Ben

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No complaints on my part except for it is pretty apparent that the solution you quoted was outside of the given parameters the OP gave.

I am not saying the smart plug you recommend is good or bad. It’s probably a great, feature rich smart plug. However it is beyond what the OP wanted…

Not like it matters…

No hard feelings.

Dutch government, city council, paid a 1.000x the required amount to some of their citizens, due to the , / . separator.

The OP talked about cheap, Zigbee or Z-Wave. Nothing more, nothing less.

Grtn Ben

It’s plug-and-play unless you want power reporting to work.