Inexpensive smart plug (US) and other device recommendations needed for newbie

So is the Zwave working now?

Also, I noticed that someone mentioned every new z-wave device they try to add gets assigned with this device handler. You said that you deleted the fingerprint.

How exactly do I do this? Can you copy and past it for me without the fingerprint?

Thanks a lot, this is all new to me.

The z-wave repair only shows errors, so if there are no errors then all is good. to remove the fingerprint, just comment out that line of code, save and publish.

Which exact line is it? Sorry, I’ve just never done any of this before.

Assuming you’re referring to the Z-Wave repeater DTH, it would be this line:

	fingerprint prod: "0001", model: "0001", cc: "85,59,5A,72,73,86,5E",  deviceJoinName: "Iris Z-Wave Repeater"

Just comment it out as follows:

	// fingerprint prod: "0001", model: "0001", cc: "85,59,5A,72,73,86,5E",  deviceJoinName: "Iris Z-Wave Repeater"

Then click SAVE, and finally PUBLISH->for me

That’s it. Do NOT unpair the device. Do NOT change the device’s Device Handler. The change will take effect immediately.

Kinda old thread, but I was looking for help buying up Iris smart plugs. I’m switching to smartthings since our Iris system is going away, and wasn’t sure if the Iris 3210-L or 3210-L2 repeats zwave and zigbee automatically when paired using the classic app? I have a zwave garage door opener made by linear that sometimes seems to lose its connection since our garage is kinda far from the hub.

I see there’s some stuff that can be done to manually add the device as both zigbee and zwave, but a lot of that seems above my head and I honestly don’t know where to even start.

I need like 7-8 smart plugs in my house to replace all my Iris V1 plugs I currently have and want to know which plugs I should start scrambling for. I currently only have two 3210-L plugs which I got late into having the Iris system.

Thanks for the help!

Lots of good info here:

Interesting articles, thanks for sharing them. :sunglasses: I like the detailed explanations of the use cases that were important to that particular person, and the really excellent photographs.

Those who want to go a little deeper and look at information about multiple brands might might also take a look at the community’s device class features FAQ, which goes into much more detail on the choices that different models offer. The discussion of light switch features starts around post 40 in that thread. (The topic title is a clickable link)

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Just wanted to mention that this changes about every six months as new devices come on the market and old devices get repriced.

As of this writing, March 2019, the least expensive well-engineered zigbee pocket socket is the IKEA Tradfri. Available in many different countries including the US and the UK at a very reasonable price. $9.99 in the US, £9.97 in the UK. This works well with SmartThings, is a solid zigbee repeater including for the inexpensive Xioami sensors (which don’t work well with many other brands of zigbee repeaters), and is available at most IKEA stores. This is just a simple on/off switch, just one socket and no energy reporting, but it does what it does well and specifically is a good zigbee repeater for SmartThings.

The smart bulbs and this pocket socket from the tradfri line all work well with SmartThings. (There is only partial integration with the handheld buttons and remotes.)

All of that said, by the Fall, there might be a different brand which has a similar price but more features. This is a very rapidly evolving space, particularly as manufacturers look at the Amazon echo plus market. :sunglasses:

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I just wanted to chime in on the TRÅDFRI, Wireless control outlet. I picked up several to reinforce the zigbee mesh And support the Hampton Bay ceiling fan and light controllers. These are very easy to pair to smart things plug them in get a paper clip small enough to push the button on the end right by the light start your add a thing mode and push the button and hold it for 5 seconds and then it shows up. No special device type handler needed no special configuration needed it just works.

Now having said all that there are things about these that are truly infuriating and I suspect it’s fairly true for most smart plugs. They hog up the outlet space making it very difficult to use any sort of full size grounded plug in the socket above or below it. Having said that I find these to be very useful her controlling bedside lamps and what I’m doing is connecting them to surge suppressors so that I have more outlets anyway in can plug in USB chargers CPAP machines and then this with a lamp for guests.

My Iris 3rd Gen. Smart plug honestly is a much better device giving me far more information and repeating both is zig bee and Z wave. However these are 1/3 of the price on a good cost day or a quarter of the price for what I had seen them before period

Here the Z-Wave plugs:


Also working well with Smartthings and reporting power consumption.

That’s a nice plug, but at $50, it’s not an inexpensive one. This thread specifically asked for inexpensive devices. In contrast, the IKEA Tradfri is $9.99

The coolcam isn’t even inexpensive for energy monitoring plugs. For example, the zooz z25 gives you two independently controlled sockets, each with its own energy monitoring, for $20 less than the Coolcam.

Different things work for different people and choice is good, but I just don’t see the coolcam as a match for the topic of this particular thread.

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There are more sellers… :innocent:

The OP was asking for US smart plugs. Not sure what langauge or location that is, but since the currency indicated is Euros I don’t think it’s what they were looking for…

I have recently gone through this process, and mind you it had a function other than just providing controlled outlets, I wanted / needed Zigbee repeaters through the house to reinforce the Zigbee network. So I was ignoring anything Zwave or WiFi.

With that being said, I have found the following smart plugs to be a good value. Pairing process is pretty simple, and there are NO special configurations needed like changing the device type to make it work. Just pair and go…

I have heard good things from others here about the Securify Peanut Smart Plug. There is some tweaking you need to do to the device in the IDE to get the functions working, but it reportedly works well…

After these two, prices go up, the next one I can think of is the Sylvania Lightify smart plug, I am not linking it because the price has jumped considerably in the last few weeks…

Hi BigHoss,

The powerplug I posted is the US version. The price in € Euros is due to my location shown.

The OP wrote about Z-Wave or Zigbee. This is a Z-Wave version.

For cheap prices, always look for an offer somewhere on the web, there are so many advertisements.

Start with one powerplug, test/use it before selling 5 or 10 of them…

Grtn Ben

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25,21 Where is the third digit after the comma? Euros? Comma indicates thousands!

SO let’s assume the last digit no change would be zero, so to read that ad using the comma,

25,210.00 Euros.

At the present exchange rate of $.89 USD : 1.00 Euro that means a cost of…



So assuming puncutation is wrong and it’s 25.21 Euro. (sorry I don’t now how to type the symbol…)

That still exchanges at $28.37, which is far and above the cost of the Tradfri, or the Peanut… You are very close to the cost of 3 Ikea Tradfri Smart Plugs for the cost of one of these…

The punctuation is correct for Europe. The US uses decimal points to separate dollars and cents. Europe uses a comma to separate euros and cents.

It’s like the difference in plug style. It doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong. There are just regional differences.

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My University German classes are badly off then. I was taught they used decimal. I guess I received a real kwalitee education didn’t I? Go Wildcats! :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured as much which is why I did the multiple levels of math on that. Figuring for typographical error, or misunderstanding of punctuation usage. Of course again, it’s failrly expensive at least compared to the ones I had listed. Probably more feature rich, but if you aren’t looking for tons of features it might just be fluff…

On the Radix (decimal separator), it’s even more fun. For details:

On the device, I agree with you: presented in any format, it doesn’t count as an “inexpensive“ smart plug.

@benerkens is a bit of a Coolcam fanboi , And tends to bring up the brand in just about every discussion of switches and pocket sockets, whether it’s quite on topic or not. Coolcam has been an excellent value brand, particularly for Europe, and has offered a number of interesting features in their devices. They even have a model switch which is now on the official “works with SmartThings“ compatibility list for the UK. So it’s generally a good brand with interesting devices, just not always a perfect match to every use case. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the European Market.

€25,21 is what I see. Your . is our ,

So it is around €25.

Yeah, like I said, kwalitee (intentionally terribly misspelled) education in the American University system… I was misinformed, I stand corrected…