Individual Notifications

When do you expect to have individual notifications? I really want to use push notifications but my kids and wife really don’t care. SMS isn’t always reliable and push is much more elegant.

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Not quite what you are asking for but I just turned my Wife’s ST app off in her notification center (iPhone) and I get the alerts and she does not. Don’t know about Android, YMMV.

Andrew, thank you for the tip. That may be my work around for now. I just hope soon there is no need for a work around.

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You can do this with Android too.

Because the ST App is so clunky I just told my wife not to even use it, she just uses the HAD mounted tablet or actiON dashboard on her phone. My wife could care less about 90% of the “things” she really only cares about turning stuff on or off.

It would be really sweet if an Android / iOS developers wrote a better app. My hope is that ST has some big things planned for the near future.

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So now it’s January of 2017, and Individual Push Notifications still doesn’t seem to exist. Is there any hope for this to become a reality?

While the above mentioned work arounds are momentarily sufficiant, they’re not a solution.

Like Matt, my wife could care less about 90% of what’s going on, just as long as it works… while I want constant notifications to let me know that everything is still working properly, and that none of my automations have stopped working. However, my wife does like to get notified when the pet sitter arrives and leaves the house while we’re on vacation. Just for peace of mind.

At this point, either she gets EVERYTHING, she gets NOTHING, or I setup text messaging for myself, which I’m not particularly thrilled with that idea.

Any Ideas on the future of this?

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