Individual device refresh vs pull to refresh multiple things

(esung) #1

Like some people here I’m having problem of switches and plugs not updating the status correctly, so I have to tap into each items and refresh. Since I grouped bunch of lights and switches together, I also tried to pull downward to refresh all of them together but that never seems to work. Is ‘pull down to refresh’ supposed to be same as individual refreshes done together?

(Adam Skoreyko) #2

I would like to know about this as well.

My WeMo switches are usually showing the wrong status until I go into each of them separately and refresh the individual tiles. It would be nice if pull to refresh did exactly that for all of the tiles on the screen.

Is this something that is planned and not quite implemented yet?

I am trying to decide if I should keep my WeMo switches or sell them for more reliable (in terms of polling and reporting) GE units.

Any update on this would be great!

(esung) #3

Although not a replacement for truly reliable status report, at least this should work so that we could have an interim solution for getting accurate status.