Incredible lag on Android?

I’m running on the new 2014 Moto X, not a slow phone by any means. Still using KitKat.

Currently the whole SmartThings system lags so bad it’s pretty useless. I have to wave my hand in front of a motion sensor for a good minute before the app (and my light bulbs) show that the motion sensor sees motion. This happens with both the EcoLink and the SmartThings motion sensors.

Presence sensing is also broken. 50% of the time someone will leave the house and it’ll still say they’re present.

I can’t tell if it’s the app causing the lag or if all of SmartThings lags this much?

Motion sensing is usually pretty good for me, within a second, but there are irregular periods in which everything lags or doesn’t respond at all. The ST app only lags or fails when the cloud system lags.

To me, cloud-based lighting control is not be trusted 100%. It’s nice when it works, and the monitoring and logging of temperatures, power and other parameters is pretty convenient.

Cellphone presence has never been reliable for my Samsung S3. It doesn’t seem like the processing power of the different phones matters.

The SmartSense Mobile? Presence sensors in the cars have been very good - you might try one of these. Now my batteries are 13-25% and infrequently they glitch by leaving and arriving within a minute, but I figure that I need either new batteries and/or a Zigbee repeater closer to the cars.

Glad it’s not just me, I guess.

I feel like they should be like “We noticed you synced an Android app with SmartThings, we realize this app sucks so we’re sending you a free presence sensor.” lol

Yeah the official SmartThings motion sensor is pretty reliable. Sadly I believed them when they said the EcoLink motion sensors were officially supported, so now I got some of those for Christmas. Got to basically jump up and down directly in front of it for it to detect motion. Oy. Hopefully the cloud will lag less in the future.