Increasing (decreasing) the Temperature of the Thermostat by 1 degree

I’m a noob to Smartthings - is there a way to use Hello, Home to increase the thermostat 1 degree at a time vs having to specify a temperature? I’d like to say “Make it warmer downstairs” and the temp would increase 1 or 2 degrees. Same for “Make it cooler”. Thanks for any help!

Short answer no.

Long answer. Checkout my thermostat boost app on my github. This will do something similar to what you want. It will turn on the thermostat at a high temp for a specific period of time. I use it to warm u my house by a degree or two when i am a little chilled.

My GitHib

Thanks for the quick reply. Challenge is I want to use a SmartApp in Hello, Home since you can now (as of yesterday’s Smartthings Gear App release) call them by voice on your Samsung Gear S devices. Very Dick Tracy’ish … Can you call a custom SmartApp from Hello, Home?


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Actually… in a round about way you can. Create a virtual switch that the app subscribes to that will fire off the app execution.

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