Increased delay with contact sensor using Edge Driver

In one of my closets I am using a Sengled bulb and a Sengled Door Sensor. I am using Smart Lighting to turn on and off the bulb every time the door is opened. Previously, I had these connected via the Groovy platform using a device handler, yesterday I switched them both to Edge driver and have noticed a significant lag in on and off times. It was a lot faster when I had these connected via the Cloud. I though the point of Edge was supposed to be increased speed?

I even created two custom automations (that are running locally) to see if the issue was with Smart Lighting, however, the same delay is there.

Anyone else seeing a similar issue or have a solution? It’s pretty annoying to open the closet and have to wait for the light to turn on.


Hi @BoyOfWonder

If they are zwave devices it is possible that by excluding and re-including them with an edge drive, the zwave mesh has become less optimized than it was before the changes.

You can try a ZWave repair in IDE or app and wait that the mesh will rebuild more efficiently.

My experience is that zwave is slower to rebuild mesh than zigbee.

Give it some time and don’t try to exclude, include…etc. that might not help

Thanks for the advice. However, they are actually zigbee devices. Funny enough, when I go into the hub on the app, they are not showing up as connected devices (is this because they are now using the Edge driver? In fact anything that I switched over to Edge is not showing up as connected in the app, but they do show up in the “My Devices” section IDE.

that is correct. they are listed in your Devices section of the app though.

I may not have explained myself correctly, the fact that they are zigbee does not avoid the possible problem of modifying the device network.
I just wanted to say that in my experience, if they are zwave they can take longer than zigbee to solve network connectivity problems with the control tools that the hub has.

Giving the mesh some time to rebuild can help.

It all depends on the robustness of the network of the devices that each user has.

With the Edge drivers running in the hub and good network coverage of your devices, they should always be faster than if they have to run in the cloud.