Incorrect unlock notifications for door locks

(Geoff) #1

For the past two weeks, my door lock has been incorrectly reporting lock status. Randomly it reports unlocked. Refreshing doesn’t help. The only way to get it to correctly display status is to lock and unlock again.

Most of the incorrect notifications are in the middle is the night. But one just happened 5 minutes ago.

Distance to hub is about 8 feet, communication is not an issue. This is a platform problem. Happened about a year ago as well.

Please advise on the ETA for a fix.

(Ben W) #2

What kind of lock is it?

How about battery levels? Perhaps at night its cooling is causing a false report. If it happened about a year ago it may be the summer affecting the lock sensor.

I know my Schlage if its not in fully in the lock position, it reports unlocked. I don’t have any random status changes though.

edit: Here is your post from exactly a year ago. I am guessing the weather (heat, cooling at night) is causing the lock to false report. Could reach out to the manufacturer and see if they know anything.

(Joe) #3

I am having a worse issue. All during night between 12 and when I wake up and realize it and have to push the red reset button. All my devices stop reporting. I can still turn on lights via the app while home but they won’t report on or off. Also routines will not run. It has happened so far 8 times in the last 14 days.

(Geoff) #4

It is a Yale YRD-220 with a v1 hub. I have 3 more of these at a different location with a v2 hub and never have this issue.

Battery is great, communication is great, it’s less than 10 feet from the hub with very little obstructions.

The first time this happened corresponded to the infrastructure changes for v2 hubs, and I assumed it was related. It eventually resolved itself, again I figured due to a bug fix.

But now that it has resurfaced, I don’t know. And the biggest thing is, when this happens, I can physically see it is locked, and a manual refresh request does nothing. Then when I issue a lock or unlock command it immediately responds, then shows the correct state from then on.

It all sounds like a platform issue, but I don’t know how to isolate it since the issues are random.

(Ben W) #5

Still think it is add that exactly a year ago you had these issues. Inside the lock there is a switch that reports if the bolt is fully engaged. My theory is in the warm weather metal expands a bit (no issue), but at night it cools and retracts causing a false state.

Communication is probably not the issue, the lock is sending the “unlocked” state. You can check in the device events to make sure. There is a column for “From Device”

If it reports unlocked and you try to lock/lock it manually does it update? If the lock thinks its unlocked then the refresh will return that state. You can see the state being returned in live logging.

Are you using a custom DH? Maybe its misreporting the state in certain circumstances.

(Bobby) #6

I can confirm that this is not the case, because this happens to my locks couple of times per week or more (I just stopped tracing it). If I move the same lock on my Abode hub, it doesn’t happen. I still have my locks in ST for convenience of integrating them with other devices, but this is certainly a software issue on ST side, and not an expandable metal issue.