Include/Exclude only works once then have to reboot

It took me a bit to realize the reason I am unable to include/exclude was because once I have done it once I couldn’t do it again without unplugging and rebooting the hub. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Once I unplug and plug it back in and attempt to include/exclude something, the hub acts normally and the LED on the front flashes to indicate it is in that mode. Once I have performed what I needed to do, and attempt it again or try the opposite procedure, it doesn’t do anything (LED remains Green Solid). I hate having to reboot the hub for something I feel should be pretty straight forward, so I am hoping its user error.

Doesn’t sound like a user error. How long have you had the HUB? I would call tech support on this one. You might have a faulty Hub.

I have had the hub maybe a year? Its version 2. Everything paired effortlessly when I got it, then as I added things over time, it became more like luck if I could get it to include/exclude until I figured out this issue. Ill contact Samsung.