Inactive Status- Kwikset Lock

I connected a Kwikset 910 Zwave lock to our hub yesterday, and I noticed that it’s spending most of its time “inactive.” I’ll send commands to it, and it doesn’t respond when it’s in the inactive state. I did change the code with info that someone posted here, so we can utilize multiple pin numbers. Lack of responsiveness with the lock was an issue both before and after doing the update. Is it a dud?

Our phones have been doing something similar. If they show up as “inactive” in the “my devices” page in the developer tools, then any commands pressed do not have an effect until the phone goes active.

This is day #3 with the hub, so I’m still learning the system. Can anyone help with this issue?

Due to a problem with the implementation, that ACTIVE/INACTIVE status on the web devices page is pretty much useless for Z-Wave devices, just ignore that. I hope it will get fixed some day, but they tell me it needs to be re-engineered in a non-trivial way.

Interesting info.
I still have the problem of the device being unresponsive to commands sent via the app. They commands appear in the events log, but the lock never responds. Is this a usual bug too?

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No, sounds like something’s wrong with your lock or Z-Wave network. If the usual troubleshooting doesn’t fix it, I would email support.

@Duncan it would be great if that information about Z-wave ACTIVE/INACTIVE was posted somewhere. Developer notes, or known issues or just current problems would be nice to have posted on a single thread that a person can look at when they have a problem and see if it is a known issue and then stop researching, before they spend hours researching something that just doesn’t work.