Inability to select SmartApps

Hello all!
I’m using Hello Home Phrase Director which I can install from the App on my phone. However it tells me to upgrade to Routine Director.
This isn’t available on the phone but show on this screen in the IDE on the EU/UK website under From Template

However, when I try to select it no code comes up. This seems to happen for a number of other SmartApps to such as Bright When Dark And/Or Bright After Sunset. Am I doing something stupid? Is there a reason these show up but are unselectable?

Many thanks,

Yep same here there are a number of Smartapps that when clicked show no code. Any Jawbone smartapp, LIFX…
Looks like anything that needs oAuth to me!

Do I understand correctly…?

i.e., is this a duplicate of the problem I described here:

Hmmm, I’ll make sure this is available tomorrow.

Thought it was, my bad.

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